Glitch in shipping prices [4043]

There is something amiss with how the MM system is handing shipping prices. I’ve updated shipping on my seller profile to be $40-$40. I discovered when updating animals for sale that the system shows a range of $40-$20, which it of course flags as an error. This has happened on every animal I’ve updated today. I’m able to correct it manually.

I’m using the app, Chrome browser, device is Samsung Galaxy A71 5g. I’m posting this at Thomas’s request to see if anyone else is having or can replicate the problem.



You could try and see if you put 40 - 45 and that might work. It appears that the system is reading the values backwards or at least populating the fields incorrectly. I will tag @eaglereptiles and @john.

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I can try that. The $20 which is appearing as the maximum was actually the maximum before today’s update. I had a “November Shipping Sale” and the minimum was $0, the maximum was $20. This morning I updated it (belatedly, should have been done 1 December) to $40 min and $40 max. The $40 minimum appeared correctly but the maximum didn’t change. :person_shrugging:

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I updated the shipping range in my “Seller Profile” to be $40 min, $45 max. It didn’t change on the animals. It’s there a delay?

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I’m going to enter the correct minimum and maximum of $40. The way my luck has been lately, I may be deeply confusing a potential customer.

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I believe that there is. There was in the olden days of MorphMarket, but with all the updates recently it might have been reduced. When @eaglereptiles sees this, I am sure he will bring clarity to this.

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Hmm. Well. That may explain why the attempted change to $45 didn’t appear. It doesn’t explain the initial problem, though. There was evidently sufficient time elapsed, since the minimum value was rewritten from $0 to $40. It’s just that the maximum wasn’t changed.

In any case, I have manually entered the correct value on all of my animals for sale (I think). If necessary I can try and change the values again.

Fwiw, I only discovered this accidentally. I assumed that when I changed my Seller Profile, it worked. No indication otherwise. I just happened to be taking and uploading some new pics several hours later and discovered the glitch.


Thank you @caryl !

So let me make sure I’m following this.

  1. Your shipping prices were $0 - $20 in your Sellers Profile
  2. You changed them to $40 - $40 in your Sellers Profile
  3. When you opened an ads “edit” screen, they loaded as $40 - $20

Did the ads themselves (public view) show this before you opened the edit screen?

If you recently edited an ads shipping prices manually on the “edit” page, then the Sellers Profile setting will not override it.

If this pops up again, at least we have a thread going to point people towards to add information.


Yes, @eaglereptiles,…

… this is exactly correct. The only thing I’d add for clarity is that there was a delay of several hours between steps 2 & 3.

Ooh, great question. I want to say yes, the ads themselves showed the error in public view. At least, I am almost certain they did. I opened a couple of them to check what customers would see. They showed the error. I didn’t open all of them but I presume they were all showing the same thing.

I hadn’t yet manually changed more than a few of the ads when this was tried. I’d changed a couple to see if I could, then left the glitch in place for while in case y’all wanted to have a look at it. I did go on and manually correct it because I didn’t want to confuse customers and/or appear more goofy than I already am. :crazy_face: Thinking about it now, I could’ve left the error and added a more explicit verbal note. There was a statement in the “Store Policy” that shipping is currently a flat $40, but I could have added something about the glitch and left it. Sorry.

Quite so. My family will tell you that animals love me, and mechanisms self-destruct around me. Hopefully it was just me! :rofl:

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The Seller profile prices are just “defaults”. That means that when you create an ad, they will populate those fields on the ad. Once you create the ad, changing the defaults won’t affect the ad at all, so you’d have to manually update them. That should explain most of what you’re experiencing.

Now, as to how the max could get set > min, that would be a bug on our side, and we should look into that.

@eaglereptiles would you please play around with this system and see if you can get inverted min/max? And any other weird scenarios? I would focus on what is shown on edit animal first, and then maybe check the ad. And if you can reproduce a bug please create an issue for us with reproducible steps.


I am able to reproduce this, but only in one specific circumstance… with the below example.

Category Title Animal_Id Maturity Price State Visibility Enabled Sex Dob Weight Quantity Group_Id Traits Photo_Urls Video_Url Desc Length Length_Type Proven_Breeder Is_Group Origin Prey_State Prey_Food Min_Shipping Is_Rep_Photo Is_Negotiable Is_For_Trade
ball python Dec 06 Test Ball Python 2022-TEST-M3 adult 1500 for sale private active male 02-28-2008 1500 1 2015-9 clown - YouTube Fantastic eater and very docile. 1.2 total_length_m TRUE TRUE domestically produced live rat 100 FALSE TRUE TRUE

@caryl I wonder if you imported these ads initially with a Min_Shipping field but no Max_Shipping…?

@eaglereptiles, all my ads had been set to $0 minimum, $20 maximum. I had done a November Shipping Special. It’s possible that I had missed one when I did that update, I guess. That’s where the $20 in the error seems to have come from.

@john, this is curious. It makes sense logically, but that isn’t quite what seems to have happened in my account. The minimum values did change from $0 to $40 after I changed these values in the Seller Profile. I’m definitely not a tech person, but maybe that tidbit of info will help you guys figure this out.

Thanks again for all you do. Truly!!