Glowing boys

Something about these Red Stripes… all boys, catch them glowing more often than not at night


I have been taught the beauty of subtle morphs but this makes that transition super fast, if not, instant. I am really loving what Red Stripe can do in others morphs.


It’s by far my top three favorite morphs. I started working with it just before the Pompeii craze hit, have not produced a disappointing one to date.

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That last one is what? Red Stripe Mojave with something else?

First one is Red Stripe Specter. Second is a Red Stripe Granite. Last is a Red Stripe Mojave. All het for something or another.

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That one really is glowing!

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First off. I love them all! But I’m interested if you intend to make Red stripe super stripes? That would be a interesting combo for sure!


Not at this time, not sure if I will. Trying for RS Super Specters this year.

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Should look the same!

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I’d imagine so. Just hoping it’s not too subtle that I wouldn’t even be able to identify it. Then maybe try for the RS Super Stripe next season to compare