Goals as a keeper/breeder

What are your goals as a person who is part of the reptile hobby? What do you wanna accomplish for your reptiles? I would like to keep more stuff outside, make more natural habitats(what I mean by that is not just making a general rainforest themed enclosure, but make something replicating the amazon for boas, the northern territory for ackies, etc.) and, my biggest goal, breed blackhead pythons, blue tongue skinks, knob tailed geckos, ackie monitors and egernia skinks.


Become a full time reptile breeder and to have Insurance colony’s of every reptile species

Personally I want to produce high end boas that I’m going to name the “midnight evolution”
Besides breeding boas, one day I would like to keep a retic. But right now boas is what I want to work with.

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I would also like to produce the first arroyo desert ghost ball python. I would call it La Llorona, after the ghost from mexican folklore, said to haunt bodies of water, especially ditches and arroyos.

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Create morphs that i enjoy and sell enough snakes to fund my hobby / return on investment. If it goes further than that, i would be very happy, but realistically that was my goal when i decided i wanted to breed. $30k invested later, and we shall see how it plays out. So far before making a single cent back, I have to say it was already worth it since i love learning and this past year has been nothing but learning and trial by fire. I went from 1 snake in a 55G to now having 29 snakes, a great ARS rack system, a 16 ARS rack system on the way, and 16 3x3x2 pvc enclosures being built. I got some of my dream morphs such as axanthic carpet pythons and scaleless ball pythons and am well on my way to creating one of my favorite morphs ive seen (looking at you axanthic granite).

It hasnt all been sunshine and rainbows, and if it werent for the excellent advice and support of the community i wouldnt be anywhere close to my goals. The advice ive received hasnt always been what i wanted to hear, but its kept me on the right path thus far.

So i suppose my end goal is to be a reputable breeder that takes care of his animals and can give back to the hobby and community that supported my efforts with no promise of receiving anything in return.

I dont want to be one of the bigs, thats far too close to actual work, but i do want to get an exotic vet license so i can start my wildlife rehab center, as well as be able to confidently and competently treat my own animals as soon as i notice something is wrong.

If i get that far, perhaps i would offer my services to others, but if im being perfectly honest i hate dealing with people for the most part, as there is too much back stabbing haha. So… we will see if i help more than wild animals and my own animals when we cross that bridge.