Goals for 2022 Breeding Season

Nothing this year, still have a few more years to go before our FLRT (Rosalie) will be ready to breed. Trying to find patience but it seems to be sold out everywhere :rofl:


Patients are hard to come by these days haha


Hoping my first clutch will happen this year, Pastave Hypo x Chocolate Pinstripe! Hoping to hold back a chocolate blast het hypo female to breed down the line. My pastel het hypo should make weight next year so shooting for visual hypos to kick off the hypo project right. From there it’s just finding hypo combo males and waiting on my '21s to grow. May try my hand at breeding isopods and maybe even tree frogs in the mean time!


Hoping everything turns out great for you . That’ll be a nice clutch

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Thank you! Hoping to get some briets and ATB’s down the line. Potentially amethistina as well depending on space. If I only kept one or two of each species I loved and didn’t breed… I’d probably have double the snakes I do now, lol.

Anything exciting for you, Black Smoke?


Yea I’m excited for this season. If everything goes half way as planned I should have more clutches this year of ball pythons