Going on vaction

So I’m going on vaction for about 10 days and I have a hypo Yellow Rat and crested gecko. I plan on feeding the snake right before we leave and giving the gecko some crickets. Terrariums will be cleaned and water filled. I’m going to see about having a friend check on them a couple days (I’m sure he will). I’m scrambling to get everything in order because time slipped away and I didn’t realize it’s already July (still got to file taxes) But anyways… is there any other preparations y’all could recommend to get ready to leave?

The snake will be fine for 10 days without food, but it needs to have its water checked at least every other day. Make sure you don’t leave crickets in with your gecko unless you want it to be eaten by the crickets. Crested geckos also need daily misting and access to fresh crested gecko diet everyday. So it can’t be left like a snake can.

I know I can get some one here at least every other day, so that should help. I’m definitely more worried about the gecko. He’s in a bio active viv and with fresh water everyday and misting. Would it hurt to go every other day for a week? He gets fed everyday alternating between crested gecko diet and live. Was planning on having my friend just give home both every other day. Would that be ok?

It depends on how old/big the gecko is. How many grams is it?

I’m not super knowledgeable on geckos, but he’s a adult. Weight is unknown, but is healthy looking and fed daily. Will be investing in a scale soon. Will also try and get some pics up soon.

@ashleyraeanne finally got some pics. I don’t know a whole lot about him or geckos in general (have been researching though). He was given to us a few weeks ago

And I was able to arrange someone that should be able to stop by almost everyday, so that’s a relief :+1:

It is always unfortunate to have a pet you nothing about dropped in your lap, but i definitely appreciate you are asking questions and not just assuming things will be fine, best of luck and i hope you have fun on your vacation!

Unfortunate and fortunate at the same time :+1::grin: my wife fell in love instantly with the gecko. She likes the snake too… but more distantly :rofl:

Bad when it happens, but can definitely turn into a blessing if the proper effort is taken to learn :slight_smile: glad its been a positive experience for you and your family!