Going to be a Ball python owner, need some help

Hello well i pick out a Female hatchling banana Het clown baby, she is not ready yet but i have to pick up the main stuff

Under Tank Heater
just a zoomed 8w for now.
BN-LINK Digital Heat Mat Thermostat Controller to run it.

and Thermometer/Hygrometer

i have 3 of them that i am looking at 1st 2nd or 3rd,
which one would you guys recommend?

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this is all for a small 10gallon tank.

Later on down the line wen she gets bigger for a bigger tank i want to upgrade to
Inkbird Temperature and Humidity Controller ITC-608T Pre-Wired Dual Stage
Would this be a good option later on down the line to upgrade?


The ZooMed one is geared towards reptiles and may work better in a humid environment, not sure… They all would be fine for gauging ambient room temp. For measuring hot spots, general temp zones etc I would recommend an Infrared Heat Gun rather than standard thermometer - I use this one:

I think you get the most accurate reading holding the sensor relatively close to your target, the beam spreads out the farther you are ie. don’t trust the laser from 2 feet away.


the Zoo Med, did not have good reviews though,
As for the Thermo Gun link, I have the same exact one :slight_smile:

is any one AcuRite in there tanks?

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I bought a few of these, I love them, I didn’t think I would, but the iOS app is decent (no experience with Android) and adequate for my needs. It is so nice to be able to check remotely and be alerted if conditions are not within your desired temp or humidity ranges for the location of the sensor. Very convenient, extremely inexpensive. This is not an affiliate link. (I hope MM blocks or sanitizes affiliate links)

I have the ones at the top of your picture. I have only had a problem with 1 out of 15.