Good incubator recommendations?

I’m breedable ball pythons for the first time and I was looking for a suitable/ reliable incubator that won’t cost an arm and a leg


I’ve used Nature’s Spirit incubators for over a decade. Reliable and well made. Good customer service and the price includes shipping to the lower 48.

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If you have access to a mini fridge/wine cooler, this is a really efficient way to go as well. Find one that isn’t working, or someone is selling cheap and line the inside/back with heat tape, and run a thermostat to the inside. This is what I’ve used for the last 2 seasons and it works like a charm!


As “nswilkerson1” stated, a used wine cooler is an excellent incubator. It has all of the insulative properties you need and for a starting breeder, it will easily hold 4 to 5 clutches. I picked one up of Craigslist for $25 because it didn’t work as a cooler any longer. I have been using it for about 10 years now. All you need is a strip of heat tape, a fan, and a great thermostat. Put water bottles in wherever you aren’t utilizing the space for tubs to act as a heat sink. Best of luck to you.


Firstly I see you are new so welcome to the community, Its the best place to learn. I found that out eventually so keep posting and asking anything you need. There are also some light fun discussions too.
Good advice above if you have the cash. I did not have the cash after covid business loses kicked me in the… last year :sob:
So for my first time which was last year, I used some spare racks. That worked really well and saved me money to buy or build something specialised for next time to free up some racks.
I will probably build. either a water heated based system or a glorified rack type thing. The racks worked so well. 100% success.
That’s just my take.


I have used hovabater in the past when I ran a reptile rescue and habilitation.

They are super cheap and work really well.
Just don’t buy anything “automatic” or “automated”
Those are for poultry/bird eggs and automatically roll the eggs (which would kill reptile eggs)

They come with a built in hygrometer/thermometer, fan, heat element and you can control the temperature and humidity really really easily.

They are great for 1 good clutch or 2 small clutches and are cheap enough to buy multiple. They last forever if you look after them and are perfect for anyone just starting out.

Yes, they are styrene, which is why they are able to keep the price down. Because of that, they are very well insulated.

This one is perfect it just needs a hygrometer. It’s an example, the ones with everything except the automatic egg Turner usually runs about $80-$100 so it can be cheaper to just buy a hygrometer with probe to use with this model.