Good sources for breeding boas

Hey guys!

Right now I just breed ball pythons but one day I hope to breed boas, but I’d like to know what localities stay 5-7 feet, the females anyways?
I’ve kept boas before (a BCI/BCC cross and a KSB)
This will be 5+ years into the future but I really admire their crazy colors and would love to work with them one day. In that time I’ll learn everything I can just like I did with BPs.
I’ll probably get into some kind of sand boas as well, not sure if I’ll do KSBs though.

My main question was, do you guys know good Youtube channels, websites, or books for breeding boa constrictors?

I would look up anything you can find by Vin Russo and/or Warren Booth. Both have been on numerous podcasts discussing insular species.

And you can find both of them as hosts on the relatively new ‘Boas, Boas, Boas’ podcast


Alright I’ll check them out, thanks!

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