Good, uncommon skink species?

Hi i am somewhat new to keeping reptiles but have loved them for a long time. I curently own a crested gecko, blue tongue skink, 2 toads, and a few inverts but skinks have always stood out to me. I am going to get a pair of fire skinks and a trio of emerald tree skinks soon but I was wondering if anyone knows of not commonly kept skinks that make good pets?


Honestly, if you are about to get 5 new skinks of two species you haven’t kept before, your hands are likely going to be quite full for awhile, especially if you buy wild caught.

Other less common skinks that are available could include Peter’s Banded skinks (don’t buy fresh imports and preferably wait until captive bred are available though), Schneider’s skinks, emo tree skinks, gidgee skinks, zebra skinks (I know very little about those last few)… oh, and pink-tongued skinks. :smile: There are way more too! Check out the MorphMarket listings:

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Monkey-tailed skinks and crocodile skinks are a bit more common but also around. Depending on the laws applicable to where you live, if you have native skink species, they may collectible and adapt ok to captivity, but captive-bred is always a better bet when possible.