Goofy snakes in your collection

Does anyone have any goofy snakes that do funny and/or abnormal things?

For example, I have a female that is a couple of years old now and has been on f/t pretty much all of her life. The thing that makes her goofy is that she seems like she’ll try to eat anything. No striking or coiling involved: she just opens her mouth and tries to swallow things. Really inconvenient when it’s your hand but I’ve also had her try to eat a paper towel. She acts more like a kingsnake/colubrid/woma python, etc, instead of a ball python. :laughing:

Completely healthy and on the same feeding schedule as similar not goofy ball pythons.

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My lesser fire probably has the most personality of my collection so far. She looks a little derpy because of the larger eyes from being of the Bel complex but idk…nothing too crazy. Lately she WILL NOT strike at food on tongs, but if I put it down and cover the front of her pvc cage with a sheet so it’s completely dark she will take it within a few minutes. Also definitely that one that climbs in my hair/face/glasses the most. Really climbs on my glasses lol.

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I have a blade het clown female I produced that never strikes her frozen thawed rats. She actually uses her body to pin it against her tub :joy::joy::joy: ok … Whatever works for you I guess ??? Lol odd girl


I keep woma pythons and the rumors are true. My older animals try to eat hemostats, the snake hook and, of course, my hands. I feed most of my adult pythons every two weeks, but the womas get fed weekly just so they’ll chill out.

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I feed mine and then hide from them for a couple of hours.

Infinite feed mode otherwise.