Gophers, pines, bulls

Can all pituophis interbreed?

I have a local bullsnake I would like to cross with my albino San Diego gopher.

I’m also thinking of bringing a Northern Mexican Pine into the mix if compatible.


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That is a good question. From what I’ve gathered yes they can, but don’t know for certain. I’d like to know myself as I have plans with a few different pits down the road.

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Aside from the science I’m going to focus on the ethics. Are you sure you want to breed them? The offspring could be sterile and you will likely have trouble selling them. If you’re sure you want to breed them and you’re prepared to keep all of them if they don’t sell then you could breed them. For hybrid questions I’ll tag @thebeardedherper.


If two different pituophis sub species breed its not really a true hybrid anyway just an intergrade and there are already a ton of those in the hobby even though its frowned upon. Historically its been done primarily to introduce morphs, but now days most people want pure sub species and species. The other issue is that they are so similar that there’s not much point in interbreeding them in my opinion.


Love hearing opinions on ethics, and debating on the evolution of subspecies based on geographic location.

The morphs I want to cross will likely never be found in my lifetime in a Single subspecies of pituophis.

I’m really just curious if someone has personal experience breeding them. When I don’t know the answer to something I usually give my opinion on something that I do know… Like Imaduphis