Got 4 weeks ago at 7 months old can't sex him or her not tame any clue

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Looks to be a male but they may be too young to sex as of now. And as for why it isn’t tame, it’s a Savanah monitor who you have had for 4 weeks. Pretty much all are wild caught and 4 weeks isn’t enough time to socialize a CBB water monitor who are know for good personalities. They are going to take lots of time to get used to you. Even CB ones will take many months. Just stay consistent and if you want my advice, ditch the gloves. At least in my experience, many reptiles get stressed out by glovers as they don’t provide good grip and result in them trying to get away.

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I’ve tried gloves and he tries bitting and tail whipping me so I rather have the gloves on

Ah, I know a lot of people use them so they don’t get scratched rather than biting. If that is the case, use them until he stops and slowly introduce him to your hands so he doesn’t become scared of it and make you have to restart calming him down

I just re updated pics he was calm today let me get pic of his or her vent