Got My First Chameleon Today

Fell in love with a beautiful little Jackson’s Chameleon today. We have wanted to get into chameleons for a while now and today we pulled the trigger. He doesn’t have a name as of yet, but I am campaigning for Bubba. We got him all set up and settled in. Even got him to take a few crickets for us on day 1. Looking forward to watching this dude grow and seeing all the cool stuff he’s gonna do. Any pro tips or little-known pieces of advice would be welcomed. We have done a great deal of research on chameleons in general; enough that we felt comfortable making the purchase. Only thing left to do is go to the home depot tomorrow and try to find him some live plants. I do have a couple questions for you chameleons folk on here.

  1. How do you mist the tank with out trashing the area around the tank? He is in a repti breeze screen enclosure and I can’t see how watering him down isn’t going to be disastrous.
  2. Does anyone have a recommendation for a cooling system? I understand that these guys need much lower night time temps than other species of chameleon and with him being in the reptile room I’m worried it won’t get low enough in here during the summer months to fit his needs. I saw zoo med makes the repti cooler system, but I cannot find it for sale anywhere. Not worried about it immediately as it’s still pretty cold here over night, but it will need to be addressed sooner rather than later.
  3. Does anyone have any experience with the repti rain system from zoo med. I purchased one with all his enclosure stuff. I have an exoterra monsoon in my Crested Gecko enclosure. I am checking out a new-to-me product with the repti-rain system. It looks like it can be focused on a specific area a little better than the monsoon system. Once I get the real plants in there I am hoping to get the water to fall primarily on the leaves of one of the plants and trickle down into the soil. This was my solution to question #1.

That’s all I can think of for now. Here’s my Bubba! And a picture of his enclosure on day 1.


Its funny because a v-tuber gamer I watch on youtube sometimes known as Amelia Watson has a dog named Bubba. Cool chameleon though…what are these ones like and are they very different in personality and husbandry to other chameleons? I know little about them as a whole.

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They are supposed to be the most mild tempered chameleon to keep. Pretty laid back and docile. They do well in the typical house hold environment. I do have heating, misting, and fogging set up or waiting to be set up for his enclosure in case anything gets out of his comfort range. It will all be controlled with a fancy new thermostat I just ordered from The Bio Dude. It’s an exo terra thermostat and hygrostat combo with both day and night settings and dimming for the heat lamp. I’m pretty excited to check it out. I use the exo terra dimming only model with my leopard geckos and bearded dragon and it has kicked ass so far.

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Day 2 Update

I was unhappy with his enclosure so we hit The Garden Factory this morning and decked him out with live plants. I still have 2 more I have to figure out how to get in there lol. Also ordered a few things for him. Got the exo terra thermostat/ hygrostat combo I mentioned in my last post and a repti fogger to get those night time humidity levels up. Was reading they need between 70-100% humidity at night so hopefully that will help on that front.

Plants in there presently are Schefflera Amate as the center piece. I have 2 Staghorn Ferns in the front. Left to go in are a Hoya and a Prayer Plant, but I need to fabricate something to be able to securely mount those to the screen enclosure higher up the sides so they can vine and grow down the sides.

Pictures of the set up presently.


Check out bill strand chameleon academy for some info you might not know. It is very informative. Awesome chameleon. We keep an ambilobe and they are very interesting. Enjoy


Heading there now. Thank you :v:t2:

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Added another plant this evening. A Hoya up top hoping it fills out and grows down for some more cover.

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