Got our first set of twins!

We got our first set of twins from a Enchi het Albino X Albino Pied.
They were born 7/19 and are currently 24 and 34g.
I was wondering how everyone elses experience with twins went? Especially since they usually come out so small.
Would also just love to see more pictures of them!


In the last 10 years I hatched only hatched two set of twins, one set around that size, the other slightly bigger, there was no difference both started to eat on their own within a few days of their first shed and both caught up with the rest of the clutch.

The only difference is the prey size you will offer at first.


I appreciate the feedback! So far the only thing I’ve noticed is that they still haven’t had their first sheds which seems late since the rest of the clutch has already and the twins pipped first

That does happen sometime it even happen with hatchlings that are not twins and I have seen it take as long as 4 to 6, obviously you do not want to wait that long to offer their first meal, so whenever you offer food to the rest of the clutch offer food to those as well.