Gotta love them Pumpkin PIEds

Hope he proves out his 66% het hypo cause I got an OD Hypo 100% het pied waitin on him


None of my het pied girls have any YB so next year when I get my male I GOTTA make sure he does. These are too sweet

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What a cutie pie! <3

I really like mid white/pattern blends on pieds as well that guy is nice.

Couldn’t agree more!!! In my world the single most important Pied-Gene into the future!!!


Oh my… Pictures that sexy should come with a warning tag.
Every single one of them is amazing.


I particularly love the bottom three that you posted.

Odd question, for anyone to answer really, but why does a pied never lose the color off their head?
Or do they and I’ve just never seen one?

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You mean like this? Picture-credit SA Balls in Germany.

There are a few possible ways to get there, but non of them you’ll see very often. :v::wink:


Nice pieds I like the baldy… Martin you don’t see that often

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Exactly like that @martin_ender! I guess it’s a lot of time invested in a project to get to that point?

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By now it’s actually more a matter of planning. 2 Genes known to produce these animals in Pieds are Special, and Russo. Both…are kind of available to hobbyists by now, and at pretty reasonalble cost. So, time… is not really the issue any longer. Anyone wanting to produce animals like this might infact get lucky with any given first clutch. So this project is achievable pretty quickly. :wink:


I’m gonna use spotnose to change up the head a bit and wanna see what a Spotnose YB OD pied looks like…I got fire and pastel too so if it comes out firefly I wont complain and what I love most about my YB pieds is the way they eat…some pieds are picky eaters but you add that YB they turn into feed monsters amd they grow much faster in my limited not so limited experience…

I hatched a Trump who has no color on him or his head other than his comb over lol. Spied which is a spider pied is a way to get a solid white snake or snakes with both white and pattern on the head.


Yeah I would go with the Russo over the Spied…not a spider hater at all unless they are scaleless its just super rare for a pied to have the pattern start past the neck and that fascinates me…

Enchi Pumpkin pied