Granite type project

A project that fell in my lap.
First pic is Leopard fire granite poss het pied. This granite gene reacts pretty hard with leopard creating almost small geometric shapes in the pattern.
Second pic, leopard vanilla cream poss het pied that I’m more sure has the same gene in it that made actual triangles.
Last pic is the single gene poss het albino pied as close as I’ve come to a straight single.
Last two pics are what I think it’s leopard special granite and leopard fire special granite also poss het pied.
Not bad considering the sire was only supposed to be a leopard firefly and I almost sold him before breeding him. Hoping to hit a super at some point as I’ve held back a bunch of offspring, but need to at least avoid the super fires.


Looks nice! Looks similar to what a yb can do as well with the head stamps and flames. The thing is like you stated the 3rd pic that is normal may be showing some het influence of pied and/or albino making it hard to tell how much the granite really looks as a stand alone. You can definitely see a decent amount of speckling in the alien heads as well as a crazy head stamp! Would be interesting to see if the granite has a visual super form or not. A lot of genetic granites that prove out as super can have a split neck stripe, way crazier side pattern and a head stamp, as well as being darker, but not all so you never know until you try! Nice snakes love the first leo!


Well you’ve got me intrigued. I love pattern disrupting genes so this is :fire: to me.
I’d love to see more combos in the future, and eventually for you to see if there is a super!

Definitely very cool regardless :smiley:

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