Grass For Enclosure

This December I’m planning on purchasing a 4’ x 2’ x 2’ enclosure for my ball python, and with this new enclosure I want to do a full redesign of his interior. Currently the inside of his enclosure looks like a vague tropical place with fake ferns and climbing branches and such, but I want to make this enclosure look as accurate as possible to the tropical grasslands of western Africa. I’m looking for a grass that grows well inside an enclosed setting and won’t overgrow the enclosure while also being able to handle some water and humidity. Any suggestions?


You might try looking at the ornamental grasses available at most nurseries. There are several varieties that stay on the smaller side. Blue fescue is one the comes to mind that stays pretty low but does spread as most grasses do.
That should look pretty awesome when you’re done with it.

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I just used some basic Scotts grass seed and it does fine