Gravel Mojave Woma X YB Phantom Mojave

Need help with these two. In my opinion, the gray is a Purple Passion Highway. The Lucy has a pink back stripe, could it be Highway? I still took pictures with UV light.

You are probably going to have breed the lucy to figure out for sure what is in that one. At very least the top is a purple passion, not sure on the highway part.

Fully agree with Mary.

This is the bother with breeding any of the white snakes, figuring out what other genes are in there.

I can absolutely see Woma giving you that side patterning in the white one and either Gravel or YB alone pushing out the dorsal stripe in both of them. I am more inclined to think the Passion is nothing more than a Passion as that combo tends to throw nicely dorsal-striped animals (I made two exactly like that from a Phantom Pin x Enchi Mojave a few years ago). I would also believe that the lighter-pigmented nature of a Highway would wash the colour out of a Passion and make the double super a lot paler

That was my thought as well on the Purple Passion, but i don’t have any first hand experience with them, so thank you @t_h_wyman for chiming in on this one :slightly_smiling_face:

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