Gravel - more than just pictures

Pictures are still needed, the usual single genes, supers and combos.

What do you know about the Gravel gene?

How would you describe its appearance as a single gene?

How does it react with other genes?

What are you looking for to tell it apart from the rest of a clutch?

Does it change with age?

Anything that you think needs noting?


Bumping this thread casually so you can maybe get some gravel stuff.

Personally from what I’ve read about it, there’s a lot of pixelated, dirty looking scales on a normal looking ball. Though that’s just what I’ve heard.


How do you tell the difference between a Gravel and an Asphalt?

Your unlikely to do so without a really good eye and some breeding. Gravel and Asphalt are both the mildest of the SuperStripe Complex and cause what seems a near identical het phenotype.

@t_h_wyman or @owalreptiles may be able to give you the best combos to spot the difference in though.


Only thing I know of is Yellowbelly.

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Yeah, YB would be the one. And even then you are going to need to know what you are looking for and wait a while because Highway and Freeway hatch out looking pretty similar to one another and it is only as they age that the difference becomes more obvious.

Honestly, your best bet if you are in doubt is to submit a shed to RGI


Thank you. My concern was I was looking at purchasing it then I noticed the rest of the sellers snakes listed asphalt that the patterns almost look identical. For breeding. I was wondering is does it matter

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Gravel and Asphalt are basically indistinguishable from one another (and also from YB) so it really comes down to buying from a trustworthy breeder.

Both Asphalt and Gravel make for the most highly patterned/coloured homozygous and compound heterozygous in the complex. The only major difference between them is that the Highways (Gravel/YB) hatch out ligher and will wash out more as they age whereas the Freeway (Asphalt/YB) tend to stay more colourful

Not my pic but a perfect example - Freeway on the left, Highway on the right


Thank you!! I definitely appreciate it