Gravel or asphalt

I would like to know which one is better for combos as a substitute for yellowbelly specially for clown, piebald, desert ghost and the albinos strains.

In the combos you mentioned they are pretty much identical. Obviously, some examples will be better than others. But gravel won’t make a nicer pied than a yb pied and vice versa


There isn’t a consistently discernible difference between the single gene combos. The difference isn’t really seen until you get a super. Personally, I prefer the super asphalt over the super gravel.

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As has been mentioned, in single gene form it does not really matter which you go with as they both behave the same.

The difference comes with the combos w/in the complex - Freeways tend to retain their colour and contrast better than Highways. Likewise, as mentioned, the superforms differ in their expression