Gravid Already?

Okay, this is my first time attempting to breed boas. I’ve read a lot and watched countless videos but there is nothing like trying for yourself. I live in northern Indiana so back about 5 weeks ago I noticed my two males going crazy and the one started getting some nose rub. I lowered temps and everything over the next week and introduced the two males to two separate females on September 24th. The one male was on the female almost instantly, I almost felt bad for her lol. The very next day I’m fairly certain they were mating. Now, almost exactly 4 weeks later I look in her enclosure and she has the showings of a huge football towards her tail (see picture). Does she look Gravid to everyone? If yes, should I even put the male back in? It just seems insanely quick and early to me, then again I have zero experience with this so far.

Thanks in advance!!

That does not look like an ovulation.

When they say it looks like they ate a football, its uncomfortably looking so.


How long do they stay really huge? I was away for a few days and didn’t get to check on her then when I come back she is significantly larger, coiled on the heat and the male is leaving her alone on the other side of the tank.

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Usually theres a swell leading up to the ovulation. The female afterwards will typically go into shed and then go into the heat conserve position; coiled up like a Cinnabon