Gravid ATB? Need opinion

Hey just wanted to get some other opinions my female tree boa is getting massively huge 2/3 back the male sits separately from her now constantly and eating she has to be left alone after for about 20 minutes or she will try to regurge. They’ve been paired since november i did the temp cycling etc. I posted some pics it’s kind of hard to get her to stretch out being so feisty lol the pics are over 1 week from last feeding which was 2 mice.


I would definitely say that it looks like a swell

update i just woke up this morning to a tank full of new babies :hugs: excuse the messy tank i was scared to stress her out after her prelay shed.


Oh my gosh! So many!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Congratulations! They look beautiful! Definitely keep us updated on them.

Their so cute!

Today I learned that ATB have live births. Super cool!

I hope you have lizards on hand for the babies, as they tend to be difficult to start on rodents.

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I have heard of people using splitted pinks or pink pieces.

Thanks for the help i have a person i can get pinks from hopefully if they don’t take it i can possibly try scenting it with a lizard and if it comes down to it get some feeder geckos i assume. There were 10 babies 1 underdeveloped slightly and dead at birth it’s neck was fused together for the first inch past the head, and 9 perfect babies. I currently have them together how long do you think i can keep them together i plan on getting them separated within the week.This is my first successful attempt at breeding and i’m super excited hopefully everything works out without major problems. If anyone has any first time tips that aren’t readily available online that you think will be helpful please feel free to share. Thank You


Love the range of colors! I bet their just as fiesty as mom :rofl:.

Very nice litter!!! I love the one in the second picture, so dark and boldly patterned!

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