Gray Banded Kingsnake

Have had this fella about 14 months now from a baby and has always been on my wanted list, he just keeps getting brighter and brighter after every shed. Great feeder, great to handle, just a sweet, sweet boy.


He’s a beautiful king. High up on MY want list. Jeal-y!

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These guys are definitely on the snake bucket list

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Nice looking brute. Locality?

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Thank you, I have no idea of locality, purchased from a pet store here in the U.K. and was just listed as a Blair’s phase gray banded kingsnake.


Ah man that’s beautiful. He’s definitely on my goals list

Are they as nocturnal and secretive/hidden most of the time as many people often say? How active is the gorgeous little bugger?

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Mine tend to be very crepuscular. They may come out just before lights out but most of the time they are hidden away

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Funny enough he’s usually very active most of the day, he’s either watching me through the glass, very inquisitive, or he’s basking. These are photos I’ve just taken and he’s just chillin’


And after me being in the room for a few minutes


Gorgeous!!! I got mine this fall and he’s extremely active and curious. Such a cool snake and an amazing personality. I heard over and over again that they were secretive and preferred to be tucked away, but mine (Ichabod) is always wanting to explore and experience new types of enrichment. I sized up his enclosure this week so he could have access to more and he’s been having a blast exploring all his new stuff and making all types of tunnels in his substrate. Honestly I’m a MASSIVE fan of these guys and am shocked that they aren’t more popular!!