Gray Treefrog Care

I was thinking of putting some native tree frogs into a small Exo Terra terrarium I have sitting idol… 12” x 12” x 18”H.

I think I can feed them small crickets from the pet store, yes? I’m wanting natives cuz I don’t want to mess w humidity and temperature issues. Really, I am looking for a display animal - little to no handling.

Has anyone kept these before? Any guess on captive lifespan? Will they procreate if offered the right conditions? I’m not looking to “breed” them per se, but my 13 yr old would enjoy watching the tadpoles change. Yes, I would too!

I’m not looking for verboten referrals, just curious if anyone has SEEN captive bred ones before? Not sure I am willing to pay for wild caught. I can do that myself! Thanks for any info…

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Native to what area?

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New England

FYI, you are still going to have to deal with humidity and temperature issues, as I assume you will be keeping your frogs in your house, which will not match wild conditions. Like most amphibians, tree frogs will dry up and die if the humidity is not adequate, and you may or may not have to provide additional heat depending on the temperature of your home.

Of course you are correct @westridge . It is much easier, though, to get the temps up to, say, 78F than 85F. Night time temps can drop to ambient. Humidity shouldn’t be an issue. We don’t have central air in much of NE.