Great question gecko lineages?

So I can continue my search for a crested gecko I would like to buy an animal that if later I decide that I would want to produce cresteds that animal would come from a high quality lineage. If you could, I would deeply appreciate if you would tell me some wonderful lines to choose from.

When I was breeding Crested Geckos, I got a lot of my breeders from Anthony Capponetto because he had high-quality animals and really diverse stock. This was many years ago, but I imagine his animals still meet a high standard.

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That’s going to depend on your target market. Social media groups don’t tend to value AC stock as desirable. Northern Gecko lines are very well regarded, and Mark is an amazing guy to chat with :slight_smile:

Feel free to pm me if you want to chat more about cresteds, lineage and whatnot

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I live in the UK and I haven’t shipped any from America but I know Altitude Exotics lineage appears desirable over here.

Important thing to remember is get pictures of the parents.

Depending on what you want to keep will also depend on sales. Eg brindles aren’t as desired as tri-colours in UK at the moment.
Lilly White’s appear to have lost their value a little in UK, but still sell higher than the average Crestie.

Head structure and colour also play a part as to if it’s likely to sell.

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Lineages I have included in my lot are…

Extreme Cresties
Leaping Cresties
Creepy Exotics (US-Barb Gebert)
Gekony Orzęsione Aladyna (Poland)
Lazy Dragon (Poland)
Gecko Diet
Crestie Universe
Lily Exotics
Crestie Addicted
Crimson Cresties
Kerridge Cresties
Exclusively Geckos

Thinks that’s all. I’ve looked through loads of breeders for last few years and that’s now what’s included in my lot!
I wanted known lineages as I breed so I wanted lines I knew people knew or that I picked for certain morphs they focused on.
Like my Tri, Kaneki his lineage is Creepy Exotics x Extreme, dad was imported over, he was a big Tri and mum was a Harley pin from extreme. I know Creepy has some of the best Tris out there and now I’ve gone on to produce some Amazing ones that I struggle to let go :sweat_smile:
KJ is very high in contrast, quite bright, so he’s stayed and finally became a dad today for the first time. He’s 17 months and a big ol boy! Was ready by 15 months for breeding. So I know any he or his dad produces end up big and chunky with some great heads. So it’s also all about what you want in the long run!
I have lots of other pairings for other reasons and I’ve gone to certain breeders for them also.

If you’ve got a certain morph in mind then let us know as we could point you to breeders with that morph or who mainly focus in them! :blush:


You would have to pm me names of breeders due to a community guidelines say about sharing breeders names. But I am interested mainly tricolor and extreme harlequin as of now LOL

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The gentlemen that just released this video are high on my list. I have known Tom for years and his animals are some of the best I have ever seen: