Great way to start the season

I am a big fan of the Leopard gene so it’s always exciting to see something I have not hatched before and what a great way to officially start the season with those Hypo Coral Glow Super Enchi Leopards.


Congrats! Those are killer! :+1:


:heart_eyes: Nice work!

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I’m really diggin the one on the left!!!

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Those are amazing Deb!

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… wow. Just amazing. Congrats!

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These are smoking, great job!

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Post she Hypo CG Super Enchi Leopard


@stewart_reptiles still have these by chance? :slight_smile:

I have so much to learn when it comes to IDing morphs. Hopefully by this time next year I’ll have some babies on the way to stress over :joy:

I do not, I am in stage 3 of re-organising my collection so the hypo projects that were neither Pied or Clown related had to go :wink:

Those were not hard to identify now we all have those animals every now and than that cannot be identify at 100% (because there are too many genes or because no one has done it before and there is no reference)

I have one animal from last season I held back that I am not 100% sure about Hypo CG Calico Pinstripe PH Pied which could have Leo in it as well, so we will see next season.


Congrats! They look amazing.

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