Green Anaconda Adventures!

Retics aren’t the only giant snakes I keep! Meet Mi Ru, my Green Anaconda! I call her sweet pickle due to her extremely docile and curious nature. Despite the reputation they have (Retics as well) I’ve definitely lucked out when I got this beautiful girl. I’ve been wanting to incorporate her more into photoshoots that put these animals in a positive and magical spotlight! With granted permission, I have taken her on adventures to state parks and even on a mini support cause for USARK to promote more awareness for these animals and the laws they’re trying to push underhandedly.

The one thing I enjoy the most is the smiles and amazement people have when interacting with the infamous Green in a positive way! As she gets bigger, I’ll definitely come up with more creative ways to get the spotlight on them along with making outreach awesome when and where I can!


Damn! You are killing it with these photoshoots!!


Great, beautiful photos. Love this.