Green Bush Ratsnake cluch

Tiny clutch but exciting nonetheless! Two good eggs and one slug from Toph, our Green Bush ratsnake, G. prasina.
Hatchling Green Bush rats are enchanting!


What are your plans on these eggs? Save to increase your own stock? Don’t think I’ve ever seen these before but man they are gorgeous! Good luck with eggs!!

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They are beautiful! Is this your first clutch? I hope you hatch some gorgeous babies! Good luck!!

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Yeah, I’m almost certainly keeping these. I love them but they are a PITA to sell. Took me two years to move my last clutch, of 6. They are kind of pricey and aren’t cuddly, so only dedicated Old World rat enthusiasts are willing to spend that much for a colubrid. As I was told all day long the one time I took them to an expo.

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Second clutch. Thank you!

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Here are some pics of the previous clutch.


Good grief that color! Love it!!