Green Eyes ball python

My lesser leopard fire has green/greyish eyes. Is this a Leopard trait or lesser trait? What other genes change eye color?

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The pictures did not turn out as well is I hoped. If your familiar with spider eyes… her eyes look the same as that. Which gene is responsible for that?

I believe eye color is somewhat variable, but some morphs do have lighter colored eyes. Lessers tend to have greenish eyes. My leopard lesser’s eye color is very similar to yours.


My Pastel male has green and grey eyes its variable trait any morph can have it.

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Do they darken with age or do they hold the color?

Pastels are usually the morph with green eyes but this can be variable

Does the head look Enchi to you? The eye color and head make me wonder if Enchi isn’t at play? The eye bands get larger and almost wraps around the head. The colors fade down the side.

I’m not seeing enchi but I’ll be the first to admit I’m not great identifing enchi. My only enchi clutch was using a super enchi sure made it easier lol. But does the the reddish enchi looking tiny so it’s possible.