Green iguana struggling

I’ve had a blue green-iguana for a little over a year.
I’m sorry to say it is not going well…

is more antisocial than ever,. Though I’ve never done anything to make her afraid of me, my little lizard who once sat and exchanged looks with you as if trying understand what you’re thinking now starts tail whipping the glass as soon as she sees someone in the next room… I’m afraid this means she’s on her way out…

I’ve been trying to treat her for mites over the summer and it’s gotten steadily worse. We moved to a new place, more humid with less drafty windows, the reptile area has never been better, but she took a turn when we moved and it’s been downhill ever since.

I’ve cleaned the entire enclosure multiple times.
She’s on mostly red Cyprus now. She’s got a bigger pool, and potted plants, which she’s murdering, just to add humidity. There’s Apple cider vinegar drops in the drinking water. I heard springtails could help curb the mite population, I added them for that and to help clean up anything I miss. I got a Medicated lizard spray, I tried fragrance free, etc, lotion. I even coated her in extra virgin Olive oil, nothing helped.

I don’t know what to do at this point. She went to a herp vet already. I need suggestions. It kills me to see her like this and so far nothing I’m trying is working

She pooped in her water dish, as they do, but this last one left a pink tinge in the water and I’m freaking out.

Like I said, I tried a herp vet, I tried whatever seemed to work for other people online, but my girl seems to be getting worse anyway

I’ve always had animals and kept them healthy and happy. As a kid I always volunteered at shelters and animal hospitals etc. Having an iguana I can’t do anything to help is really tearing me up. I know sometimes you do everything you can and it’s just not going to happen no matter what you do, but I’m not ready to say we are out of options. I’m going to fight for her as long as she’s got fight in her…but we need reinforcements badly

just for clarity, I actually have two iguanas, the other is very healthy. He’s a male red and she’s a female blue. Idk if the genetics have something to do with it? She has always seemed skinny compared to him but I’ve been told it’s normal… Is it possible she’s had a parasite issue since I got her that is only now really getting bad? She’s a petsmart lizard


Before you get rid of her let @welshmorphology give you some tips. She cares for and rehabilitates iguanas from abusive and bad situations. Personally I would take her word on everything that she says about them, I trust her 100% about them.


Hi there can you post pics of the set up. Have you tried taurus mites also? Message me if you like.
What did the vets say? Any photos of the iguana so I know what we are talking about. I need more in depth info really.
Also what plant species and what diet/supplements/lighting do you use
Look forward to your reply. You can message me if you’d rather


I’ll take a picture when I get home. Thanks for the reply!
She’s got arcadia t5 uvb, 150 watt heat lamp
The plant is a snake plant. Repashy calcium powder. She eats a diet of collards, dandelion, chard, winter squash. She gets treats some times too. When she is offered fruits she’s always been snobby. Not the red baron though, he will eat anything he’s given, maybe that’s a sign she’s always felt a little funny?
She’s in a 40 gallon atm. Partly because she’s small for her age, partly because of these problems I’m trying to solve.

The vet told me to use a medicated spray, and if it persisted I can use a pure lotion, on top of cleaning a lot

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Aren’t mite treatments best done if you have a basic enclosure with nothing the mites can hide and reproduce in? If you don’t do that then you can’t really get rid of them. Have you had her tested for parasites as well? Given she was from petsmart, she was likely a farm bred/wild caught animal and could easily have internal parasites.


I use MVB bulbs as they are really spot on for the basking requirement of iguanas.
Also the supplements are Arcadia Earth pro A, Calcium/Mg Pro and revtilize D3… I am in the UK but I know they are now in canada so you could order from there. All of these products listed above will drastically make a HUGE difference. I would suggest and one of the simplest treatments for mites is Diatomacious Earth. You can’t have any pet inverts near it. And as mentioned above a sparse environment until the mites are treated. DE you can get food grade on ebay. It’s cheap

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All the igs shipped here unless morphs from thailand are CF

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