Green tree python care question

Would you say an exo terra 36 x 18 x 36 is enough for a green tree python? Eventually I would move it into a 4 x 2 x 4 pvc enclosure.


It depends on the size of the animal currently and also locality. Some biaks get to be decent sizes (for chondros) and require a little more space than some of the mainland types.

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I was thinking about trying to find a captive bred jayapura or aru gtp.

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I kept an Aru in a 901cm x 320cm x 609cm tank for over fifteen years and she was fine. I did provide multiple “levels” of perches to facilitate climbing opportunities.

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do you mean mm? because if not that is an absurdly large tank.

Yes… Fingers moving faster than brain

91cm x 32cm x 61cm