Green Tree Python Eating Problem

Hi, I recently purchased a CB Green tree Python at STL NARBC show. It is relatively young and was said to be eating frozen thawed fuzzy mice. I have had it for 4 weeks now and have been unable to get it to eat. Enclosure wise I have provided a temperature gradient and good humidity. I have tried frozen thawed and live mice and see no interest in it eating. Any tips on how to get it to take a meal? Any tips are appreciated.

Scent the mouse with chick (down) feathers and it should take it. Either buy a chicken chick locally and cull it or order some frozen ones online.

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I’ll start by assuming that your husbandry for hatchling GTPs is on point.

One thing about GTPs is that they strongly prefer to feed at night from an elevated position. I used to use a red headlamp so that I could have the room real dark and still see and keep both hands free.

Have a warm (~100 degrees F) mouse of appropriate size ready on tongs. Hold it or wiggle it underneath the perched snake. If GTPs are hungry, they’ll be in ambush position, head down ready to go. If it’s just coiled on its perch, tickle it with the prey item until it responds.

If it won’t take the prey item, leave it in the cage overnight (assuming pinky or fuzzy here). Remove in the morning if uneaten.

If that doesn’t work, wait a week and repeat the process with a prey item scented with chick down as the previous responder said.

If neither of those things work, contact the breeder and ask for its feed/shed records and breeding info. I hope this is a reputable breeder and not an importer or reseller. If the animal was CB, healthy, and feeding for the breeder, it will feed for you eventually if its environmental needs are being met.

Stay patient.


I remember reading about this and this article is one of the most thorough and detailed guides that I’ve read. It’s on page 5.