Green tree pythons

Why is it that these guys are getting so hard to find? If I am lucky enough to find them at a decent price they are imported and I am not sure I want to take that gamble on them?

I think the reason they aren’t more widely bred is because they are hard to get eating. So don’t expect any to be cheap. You can still find them for sale captive bred. You likely don’t want an imported GTP since they’re very delicate and it will be hard to get them through all treatments and keep them eating and alive.


Yeah that’s about all that I can find at the moment. I will keep searching tho untill I find one at a decent price. By at a decent price I don’t mean dirt cheap but at the same time not a fortune

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Chondros are not that hard to find, I think your issue is in this choice of phrase here:

The amount of time and effort it takes to get them established and reliably feeding before sale means that captive born and bred chondros are not cheap. Add in that the majority of them are the product of lineage-based designer breedings going back decades.


This is very true!