Greetings from Central California

My name is Luis owner of Slap Shot Reptiles im a small hobbyist breeder. Wanted to introduce my self I mainly work with BP’s but also have a few different Colubrids. Orange dream and Desert Ghost are what I like to work with the most.


Welcome, I hope you enjoy yourself here! Feel free to show us pictures of your animals if you’re able to!


Heres a few from my last clutch.


Welcome to the group and nice clutch of babies you got there


Thank you!

Beautiful babies! :heart:

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Hey, nice to see you on here! For anyone who is wondering, Luis is a stand-up guy! We did a trade a few years back and I got this gorgeous girl from him:


Welcome! where in California are you located?

Whats up man, are you near sacramento?

Im in Bakersfield Ca

Central valley in Bakersfield

Thanks! I still can’t get over how great she looks!

welcome a fellow californian im from socal, You will find everyone helpful and kind here in MM.

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oh damn your a condoor fan!!! i was born in taft

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Oh yeah definitely I have season tickets.

I’m jelly, I really want one of those older jerseys, red/green/black with the wings under the arms. Not a huge fan of Edmonton colors

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Yeah me neither. Im a Ducks fan so dont really care for the Oilers but it is great seeing these guys down here and then watching them get called up.

I miss hockey lol, last game I went to was in sacramento, Condoors v Heat at the outdoor stadium

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You’re a ducks fan?!?!?!?! Its the LA kings for me

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somehow i came out a devis fan hahaha

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