Greetings from Hampshire! (UK)

Hi there!

I’m Shin from the UK!

I don’t have any reptiles yet but I’m hoping to get one (or two) later this year! I’d like to try my hand at breeding down the line, at least once and am very excited to soon be going on my very own snake owning journey.

Side note, I am actually astonished my mum said I could keep a snake hahaa. I’m an adult but still live at home, so she doesn’t mind one or two smaller snakes. Very thankful.


Hi Shin, I am from the UK too. This is a good place to learn, get support and ask questions safely.

Welcome to the forums and welcome to your journey in to keeping and breeding reptiles.

Edit: Don’t forget to have fun.

Also what ‘smaller’ snakes are you think of getting?


I’m UK too, Somerset.
As asked above what snakes you looking at getting? :blush:


Plains hognose or corns most likely, my mum was dubious about larger constrictors but I’m more into colubrids anyway. I’ve been checking out the site for a few months and finally decided to bite the bullet and ask if I could buy something in the future.

Have some requirements to meet first but that’s fine, I’ll use the meantime to research.


Oh lovely! I myself have a Banana Royal. We did have 12 Royals but down to one as needed the room for all our Cresties :sweat_smile:
Always wanted a hognose as they looking blooming cute with that little snout, specifically a tri! A friend has 2 corns and they’re lovely too :blush:
When you do decide would be lovely too see him/her and set up etc. Lots of people on here also who can help with anything you need!

Aww, I have to admit royals are growing on me, especially some of the butter/caramel type colours or mojave.

Whoa, sounds like you have a small army of cresties. Not into geckos as much, but I do like the look of Chinese cave geckos, and maybe wouldn’t mind getting one in the future as captive bred becomes more readily available.

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Don’t underestimate corn snakes. You can go for a pair of high end, some the of pictures I have seen here and on the market are amazing. You can get multiply generations fast too, and develop your own lines quicker. (If that’s your thing)
As for ball pythons, A pair of hatchings are not big :wink:

Or you could try for both :grin:
Funny how one or two can become 4, and so on


I’d definitely like to breed in the future, but I really have to start slowly because I don’t have an income at the moment (though I have savings so I feel comfortable looking at babies)

Corns I’m a bit pickier with colour wise, reds aren’t my favourite but I know there’s a tonne of morphs for them, whereas I like more of the hog morphs right off the bat.

Didn’t really have much exposure to BPs until I discovered a reptile YouTube channel.

Mainly leaning towards hogs for size, but also liking more of the more common morphs.

Also find dart frogs super pretty but not sure I want to deal with live insects in my bedroom :joy:

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Welcome to the forum and good luck with your new hobby. Both cornsnakes and hognose are great snakes. I have both and I just love them. :snake::green_heart:

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Welcome to our community @shinjuu
I hope that you enjoy it here. If you even need any help navigating the website or the community just pm me, and I will help you out. I would recommend a corn, but if you want a hognose don’t get a male first because they tend to be very small and picky eaters. Welcome again :heart:

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Thanks for the recommendation :slight_smile: I’m leaning towards hognose because of their smaller adult size, but would definitely look for the female first regardless of which I go for.

It’s been really cool checking out the forums so far.

Do you get lots of pictures of hatches? I’m literally on the edge of my seat for hogs and bullsnakes (even though bulls are harder to come by here) and it’s been awesome seeing some of the BP clutches

I would say that we do have more hog posts vs bullsnakes. But there is an abundance of western hognose themed topics that you can just get lost reading through them.

That’s awesome, yeah I’ve been reading lots of posts for the last couple of days, especially in the colubrid category.

If I have a few questions would it be better to ask them all at once or spread them out? I don’t really interact much with people either online or rl haha, don’t want to annoy people or put them off with lots of questions.

Ask away…if the questions are related to one another ask them together. I would say start a new topic for them though.

:+1:t2::+1:t2: I’ll likely wait a few days so I can gather my thoughts and actually work out wording and stuff.

Thanks for the warm welcome!

Sweet I can’t wait

Welcome to the community, I’m from North Essex.
I keep Crested Geckos, Ball Pythons & king snakes.

I have found people on here are nice and friendly.

Good luck in your reptile adventure :grin:

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