Greetings from Holland

Just a small message to introduce myself.

I always loved lizards and snakes but never knew that I can keep them myself. I really thought it was something for zoo’s or biologist till my son really started beggin for a reptile to keep as a pet ( he is a dino addict since he was only two years old). To at least give it a try we visited a reptile shop and went to an large reptile expo in Houten, and from there we were both hooked. Now two years later we have a bearded dragon, a blue tonged skink, a crested gecko, 3 leopard gecko’s, 8 ball pythons and since a few weeks a bci. I don’t even know who loves them more, my son or me. The house is getting full and now I’m only planning on one more ball python. Next year we want to try breeding for the first time. I think by now we really turned in reptile addicts.

We totally adorre everything about them. If I knew they were so much fun I would have got them many years before. We are not totaly new in reptile-keeping anymore but we still have a lot to learn. I hope to learn a lot here and love to hear from people who share the same passion.


Welcome, I have only been a member for a few days … but you will get answers to all your questions here …:wink: gr uit belgie


Welcome to the community!

It’s so cute you and your son are addicted to the hobby . I hope you do get into breeding so I can see what you two produce! Little baby balls are so cute :3


Thank you for your welcome!! :slight_smile:

Welcome! @lindasark I hope you enjoy the community and stick around! Also, I have to give you fair warning about @annakirby though… She has a demon snake named Margo that she will try to pawn off to you so that it can steal your soul… Other then that, everyone here is awesome! :grinning: (also if you do enough reading on here, you’ll understand the Margo reference)


Thanks for warning me :wink:. It took me some time to understand the Margo refrence but now I understand. Mayby Margo just needs a little bit more love:joy:. But If not, I think I’m pretty safe here in Holland.


Welcome, glad you joined. Feel free to ask questions and share your experiences and pictures too!

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