Greetings from Kaptive Keepers!

We are two brothers that have always been hooked on learning and keeping exotic animals including reptiles since we were children. We are based out of a suburb of Chicago and primarily work with ball pythons at the moment due to space restrictions. We also keep and breed Bull snakes mainly focusing on our high red line pictured below. Some of the other species we own are angolan python, green anaconda, cornsnakes, and a few other common species. Our ball python projects include the usual clown, pied, lavender, etc. We both love orange dream and try to work that into most things. We also were blessed last season with proving out a couple new morphs and are happy to see where they take us this season once we hit some supers and more combos.
We wish everyone a great season,
Kaptive Keepers


Hi and welcome, I love that Red Bull great animal.