Greetings from Minnesota (Minneapolis Area)! New to Morph Market and Hognoses

Hello everyone!

Like the title says- hello from a first time hognose owner from Minnesota! I have two hognoses (adult male Conda, Albino Het) named Sandy and Chi ( juvenile female Super Conda, 100% Het Albino, 66% Het Axanthic). I’ve owned reptiles in the distant past and decided to get back into the hobby. It is amazing to see how this hobby has evolved and grown over the years!

I’d like to try to breed Chi and Sandy at least once- but Chi has some growing to do. Will give me time to learn more about these awesome snakes and prep if I decide to go down that route.

Any other Minneapolis or Minnesota hognose owners out there?|


Not from MN but also looking to get into breeding hognose. I currently have one female, a toffeeconda named Dia. I have a rack with 2 open tubs that will eventually house more hogs. I want to get one male and another female. Don’t know what morphs I want to breed. Still working that out.

Either way, welcome and enjoy the journey. I know I am.


Welcome to the community @chiller1064! :grin:

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Welcome to MM.
I don’t own any hogs, may in the future.
But I’m from MN, north of the cities and wanted to welcome you from another Minnesotan, there are a few of us on here.
Good luck with your breeding plans, you have a nice pair of hogs too!



I’m a fellow Minnasotan as well!


Hi, I’m also in Minnesnowta, and keep hognose. Currently have 5, but always on the prowl for another. I have a female purple line het axanthic, pos het albino named Violet, female 100% Het Lavender named Caitlyn (thought she was a boy for awhile, but turned out she’s a girl), female normal conda named Annie, her brother, male normal conda named Manny, and a male Arctic conda, 100% het Lavender, het Albino named Vladimir Poopin. I think it’ll probably be at least another year before any of my females are big enough for breeding.


idk i dont own one

Welcome! Love me a super conda!