Greetings from not so sunny Scotland!

By way of a brief introduction, I am a very small scale keeper and breeder of Angolan, Sumatran and Royal Pythons (only looking to work with a few select genes - Toffee, Tri Stripe, Reduced Pattern, Desert Ghost and Black Axanthic) with an emphasis on good strong genetics.

My ethos is to provide exceptional rather than simply acceptable standards.


@centralscotlandreptiles welcome aboard! I’m a huge fan of Ball Pythons and Angolans as well. You’ll do well with the genes you’ve picked.


@hinglesherps thank you.

Royal Python wise I am shooting for some Visual Toffee, DH Toffee Desert Ghost, Visual Tri Stripe & Visual Reduced Patterned animals next year.

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Sounds like some good stuff!

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