Greetings from SWFL

Just wanted to introduce myself. Been out of the reptile game for quite a number of years. Been stalking this site for a long time hoping to jump back in. Came across a local breeder on here, in Naples, FL, with some gorgeous Pied BP males and pulled the trigger and jumped back into the hobby. It’s been the only morph that has really captured my eye since I first saw one about 15 years ago.


Welcome! Show us pics- I love reptile eye candy. :snake: :hearts:

I hadn’t purchased any new reptiles in just under 10 years (though I still had many of my older pets) when I realized that being active in the herpkeeping world was something i missed in my life. Sure enough, I did end up breeding leos this past season, as well as getting some new purchases to occupy some of the cages of mine that had stood empty for so long. I’m so happy I got back into it! Look forward to getting to know you. :blush:

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