Greetings to all

Hello Morphmarket family. My name is Victor and I’m pretty new at breeding Ball Pythons. I had 3 clutches in a span of two years and how exciting that has been. Also I’ve learned plenty from talking to others that are breeding. I hope to learn more from you all. I’m from New York and have been in love with snakes since 12 years old. I am now 54 and still get the same feeling I did then around snakes. ! Hope to talk with you all soon.


Idk how to upload images. Ha ha! Telling my age here buts its challenging.

How awesome! I’m hoping to start breeding once some of my girls get up to size so I have a few years before then, but I’m so excited!

To upload a picture just click the little rectangle next to the three lines. I’ll screenshot it, circle it and post it so you can see what I’m talking about. :smiley:

It will look a little different on a Desktop, but that is the little “rectangle,” you are looking for. It kinda looks like picture in a frame.


OK I’m not sure why but when I do that it only leaves a link not a picture.

Let try again.


It worked! Ha ha! Exciting! That was my first clutch. Pastel Lesser to Yellow Belly. Thanks Babyjoker that was a big help.

Yup, it’ll be a link in the text box. The picture only shows up when you hit the post button. :slight_smile:

Those are some pretty babies!

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Thank you @keokusan my first clutch. I kept the only female. Lesser yellow belly.