Groot the Retic

Groot is a Purple Tiger Pied I picked up in January from a good friend. I take it slow growing all my pythons and boas so he’s not the chonk that most yearlings are.


Aw man he’s a looker! I love his pretty yellow head! I do so agree with the “slow grow” method. It definitely works for my animals.

“Groot” is an interesting name and I have heard it from somewhere @ballornothing? A retic is a dream snake of mine that will never come to fruition but I can enjoy the pictures! :pray:


Probably from this pic of my toads face zoomed in. I made a thread about it a couple months ago


Oh yes I remember now! Thank you @logar Logan! I’m an old lady so I need some memory jogging once in a while! :heart::pray:


Man I guess so. He’s absolutely beautiful. I bet he’s even better in person. I can’t wait to see him with some size on him.


I’m excited for 2025 lol he should be 8-10 ft by then :joy:

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Oh wow, he’s stunning! :heart_eyes: I love how albino retics almost seem to glow. I bet he’s even more gorgeous in person.

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Congratulations he looks great and i also love his yellow head to.

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