GTP question

Are there any breeders of australian locality green tree pythons in the U.S.? Are there any australian GTP’s in the U.S.?

I’m curious are you from Australia

No, I just LOVE australian species. There’s just something about species from that continent that I just find so fascinating. I think it comes from watching a lot of steve irwin.


Either that or watching a lot of Coop’s Reptiles and Beaches Scaly Beasts, two Australian reptile channels.

Makes sense I loved Steve to

There aren’t unfortunately, the closest we get to those is Merauke chondros but even then most of the chondros labeled as being that locale very likely weren’t actually FROM there since that particular area isn’t chondro habitat. Merauke type animals do fit more of the Aussie phenotype though with the while dorsal stripe. Also unfortunate but those white dorsal Merauke type animals seem to be harder and harder to come by.