Guess I am a glutton for punishment

Because having nine eggs incubating is not enough, I just received these energetic little monsters

CH from eggs dropped by this female import I picked up


These are awesome Travis!!!

I’d be interested to know what’s going in your substrate?

This is a super basic one - long-fibre sphagnum and leaf litter. Good for quarantine set-ups because it is naturally anti-fungal and even a little anti-microbial. It holds humidity really well so even WC animals that are not keep on using water bowls can retain a base-level of hydration. The leaf litter helps keep it loose (great for fossorial species) and the larger leaf pieces actually work as decent little “hides”


What species is this? They’re really neat looking.

They are kukri snakes. Aka tiny stabby snakes.

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Specifically, they are Oligodon purpurascens, the brown kukri snake. These are the mainland form which are predominantly brown with red/rust undertones

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