Guess My Collection Morphs

I love guessing morphs, I’m bad at it but I find it fun. I have a few hogs now, so thought a guessing game would be fun! I’ll check back in maybe a week to give the answers. Hope it gains some traction! And of course if you know me or my snakes already, please don’t “guess”. I’ll be posting this on ColdBlooded as well.

  1. Super conda
  2. Conda
  3. Pastel conda
  4. Arctic conda
  5. Albino conda

welcome to the community! That is a really nice collection! Hope to see you around!


Thank you! I’m excited to get more involved!


Thank you so much for guessing @logar !! Here are their names and morphs.

  1. 1.0 Boo Thang - Arctic Superconda
  2. 0.1 Sweetums - Arctic Conda
  3. 0.1 Pumkin - RBE Pastel Conda
  4. 1.0 Handsome - Arctic Conda
  5. 1.0 Mister Man - Toffeeconda

I know belly pictures would have helped a lot as well, but I just wanted a small fun little guessing game with a little more challenge.


I was way off my game the day I guessed :rofl:. I literally got 0 hours of sleep last Monday. None at all. I have a thing with Mondays where I will sometimes have a very hard time sleeping on Sunday-Monday night. At least this week I got a solid 2 1/2 hours on the Sunday night sleep.

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and that pastel conda, absolute perfection! definitely my favorite of your collection! and I love their names :rofl:. I love weird names. The strangest names I have is probably Kronk (a gold white cloud mountain minnow it a really bent spine and misshapen tail), Eggroll (northern slimy salamander who had a huge chunk taken out of his leg when I found him), and not really a name but I have a Northern green frog, who was taken out of the wild by someone I know and kept in a tiny enclosure with no land and untreated water, who I just call The Frog.

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I love toffeecondas! They my favorite!