Guess the Species!

I love how big the eyes are!


I do too! Their big eyes aren’t just for show either; they have exceptionally sharp vision for a snake. My paradisi will lock onto me when I’m across the room and move their heads with every little movement I make. Arboreal Colubrids are awesome.


These are one of the most beautiful species, but they’re also pretty hard to keep in captivity, right?

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As with any animal, whether one is considered difficult to keep or not is highly subjective. Paradisi are almost exclusively wild caught, therefore I would not recommend them or any other wild caught reptile for a keeper that has yet to keep snakes or has only kept common species such as Cornsnakes, Kingsnakes, Ball Pythons etc.

However, out of all the WC (wild caught) snakes I’ve personally kept, C. paradisi are one of the easiest to establish in my experience. That is not to say they are easy to keep, though; they are just comparatively easier to keep as a wild caught import (in my own opinion).

That said, working with WC snakes is always a bit of a gamble, and even a “veteran” keeper can suffer some losses when dealing with WC imports. Some animals are just not going to adapt to the captive environment, even if the keeper does everything they could possibly do correctly.

It is definitely a labor of love.