Guess the Species!

Guess the snake species based off of this head shed! :snake:

:bulb:: It is a rear-fanged venomous Colubrid :grin:


Mangrove snake

I think :thinking:

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I would say one of the boiga family.


I believe it’s some kind of cateye snake

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That’s also what I was thinking.

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No correct guesses yet! Keep trying :grin:

It would be wonderful if it was a baby Durango snake :snake:

Is it a Philodryas olfersii?

That is a really good guess @erie-herps because she wrote a care guide on them :heart:

  • Edit - correction I was wrong, I thought that was paradise flying snakes

I didn’t know that, do you have a link to it? I’d love to read it.

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No that’s wrong….I thought that was a paradise flying snake

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Now that you mention it… that might be the snake, the patterns and scales seem to mach and we know she keeps them.


Then that is my new guess

Paradise Flying Snake

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I’m pretty confident that we’re right on this one.

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Me too Riley

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either paradise flying snake or maybe even some sort of kukri snake?

Huh I never really thought about how different species have different sheds. Is it the pattern or the shape that would give away the species? (Or both)


Personally I would say both because scale formations on the head are pretty distinct from snake species but also the pattern could break up species too.


Man the head scales look kind of like a False Water Cobra but the eye caps look huge in comparison. I got nothing

Yes this is the shed of a Paradise Flying Snake (Chrysopelea paradisi)! Here are a couple photos of the beautiful girl who provided me with this awesome shed.