Guide in asking for Crested Gecko morph help

So we have a lot of people on here who ask for help with their Cresties.

We are all happy to help but sometimes the pics aren’t that clear, so my advice is pics in natural lighting, you can always see the Geckos true colouration and patterning/markings that way :black_heart:

So what we need from you is a picture of both sides (laterals) and a picture of its dorsal. That will help us to help you :blush:

Daylight pictures will help tremendously compared to ones taken indoors. Look at all the markings on the animals below, a lot of that wouldn’t show up in low lighting:

Lineage (if known) also would help, though with Cresties it isn’t always needed as you’ll always get out ‘Kinder Surprises’ depending on what’s further down the line! :lizard:
If you purchased this animal, most respectable breeders will list the lineage of their Cresties in the description of the ad:

Lastly, Fired Up and Fired Down pictures will make all the difference in correctly IDing a Crestie. Don’t know what “Fired Up” and “Fired Down” means?.. Read here… Fired up and down photos 😄

Anything like those will help us easily with your morph and traits :lizard::black_heart:

This myself is how I Picture my Cresties so people can see their true colours. :rainbow_flag:
Feel free to ask for help on this thread below or if you’ve got any other questions then fire away :star_struck:


Yes, this will be useful :grin:


Super nice going @ghoulishcresties



So helpful!

One push: what about those of us who are afraid to take our cresties outside? What can we do if we can’t get the natural lighting? :purple_heart:


If you don’t want to go outside, I recommend a clear background, ideally white or black. And make sure you have good lighting!
A light box also would work well if you own one :blush:


I really need a light box. :joy:

Something I’ve found that works is the white light on our LED grow light. The yellow bulbs are really what throws off a lot of the coloring. You want it to be the color of your phone flash light, not a regular light bulb. :blush:

LED light vs phone flash. Stormy is the best model.


Sometimes with flash too is it makes colours brighter than they are, which is why natural lighting is best :grin:

And defo clear background,
I always do outside so people see true colours or if insides I have something white behind as I find this also shows their colour well.

If you have a spare led about to hold above too that could work. :blush:


I don’t use the flash as it’s not good for pics, or their eyes.

Here is Chilli in my light box. First pic is natural lighting & second pic with the light box light. If I had used flash, he would show up as yellow rather then white. I prefer natural lighting as much as possible. I mostly use the light box light for winter months :grin:

I take pics in our conservatory, but you can always use window light


1 is a harlequin high % pinstripe

2 is the same, pos tricolour.

Need better pics once shed and natural light ideally :grin:

Thank you so much! I will try and get better pics outside. Are those morphs common or less common?

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@bayougecko Please make a separate thread about your cresties specifically & any other questions. This thread is just for discussing techniques in general for best possible morph ID.

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Please create your own thread. This is not what this thread is for.

Sorry this is my first day using this app i didnt know that was a thing i’m sorry!

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It is perfectly fine! I just reread my post and that came off a lot more harsh than it should have. Really sorry about that!