GX Paint Color Change

Panko, our holdback GX Paint, has started to undergo color change as he approaches a year old. Here he is at 10 months of age:


That is really nice. Makes me want to get back into keeping KSB.


I only got into Sand Boas 6 years ago, but I’ve found it really rewarding, especially since they are so much easier to breed than my usual thing (BC). I have four species now, and I’m getting two very special pairs of Rough-Scales in the next few weeks.


Stunning! I have to say you have some of the nicest sand boas I have ever seen! Super nice!


Thanks! I always want to collect more.

I have a female Stripe het GX Paint that I’m pretty sure is gravid. I bred her to a Bell Albino GX Paint het Anery, so there should be some cool offspring in the fall.


Pretty boas, I have one of my own. Kenyan sand boa named Stripes. He is an Albino paradox. Very beautiful snakes.

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Paradox Albinos are my favorite!

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He is breathtaking. I’ll see if I can get a picture of him.

This is my Paradox pair. I produced them in 2018. The male is a Paradox Snow and the female is a Paradox Snow Patternless. I hope to have babies from them next year.


Love it! GX and paint are the two genes I want to get into once my snow,splash,stripe project matures.

I’ve currently got 7 sand boas, but I’m aiming to have 12 in my initial breeding group for that project.

I’d also like to get into the vanishing morph, but to be honest, I’ve never seen them show up on the marketplace yet.

I got an Albino Splash Stripe het Anery from Scott Miller last year. I’ve got two Snow Splash females set aside for him.

Makes me want them even more, I’m either looking at a pair of albino or a pair of anery.
All lovely looking guys! :blush:

I’m hoping this pair will produce this year as well. Anery HRP pair, with 500g weight difference, same age.


Jeez, it almost didn’t occur to me that you produced my recent addition splash het. snow male!

Oh you’re killing me!
They’re amazing :weary:

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Oh that’s right! You got #23, the last Splash in the litter!