Habitat Build - Viper Gecko

Here’s our little enclosure build for our baby viper gecko (Teratolepis fasciata). One of my favorite. Very small. Awesome hunter. Some people keep them communally but unfortunately I’m just not home enough to make sure everyone was all good so we just keep one, I believe male, in this little habitat. He uses the whole thing. I love watching him


These are definitely on our “get list”!

The tank look nice. What size is that? Can you tell us a bit about the foam you used? How did you paint it (assuming you did)?

Also, the gecko is sweet! How big might s/he get?

Definitely. This is a low profile 6 gallon enclosure. The background is just normal spray foam. I didn’t actually paint it I just siliconed it and covered it w substrate. The substrate is a mixture of play sand and excavator clay. They’re a small species so he’ll max it out about 3 inches

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I always thought they were cool but once I I actually got one he is so cool to watch hunt and climb all over the place. Super active hunters

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